NYC American Girl Shopping Spree 2022

It was fifteen years ago when I saw the Big Apple light up for the first time. The first thing that caught my attention was the Mcdonald’s in Times Square, naturally, but it wasn’ t the last. It was my seventh birthday, and like nearly every little girl in 2007 what I wanted could be…

An Emptiness

The words don’t come easy, but the tears do. Staring at these photos, staring at an empty dress that once hugged you. When I hugged you. The tears come now, when I look at the photos side by side, one dress on you, one dress empty. The same emptiness I felt as the camera flashed…

Turning Pain into Purpose

It was a sunny day when I noticed Ella for the first time; long blonde hair with a bow in it, blissfully unaware of the struggles of the real world, as any 5 year old should be. I don’t quite remember the weather, 6 years later, when I ran into her and her dad in…

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Hi, I’m Ali, the Founder and Executive Director of Glimmer of Hope Foundation. Check out our blogs to keep updated with our fundraisers, photoshoots and more!

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