24 Days of Dolls Application


This application is for our seasonal mission of “24 days of dolls.” 24 Days of Dolls is a campaign that extends through December 1st to 24th. We send out 24 children bald dolls and post 1 child’s photo with their doll and story each day from December 1st to 24th. If you would like your child to be a participant in this campaign this year and receive a doll, you MUST be willing to share 2-3 paragraphs about their story that we can share on social media, as well as a photo of them with their doll (even better if it’s holiday themed!) NO LATER than November 30th. You must email doll photos to glimmerofhopefdn@gmail.com

Please include your FULL address in the form.

Additionally, after your child receives their doll, if you choose to post any photos with it (which we love!) we ask that you PLEASE tag Glimmer of Hope Foundation as opposed to American Girl. We fully fund the dolls thanks to generous donors and do not receive any discounts from American Girl. Thank you for your cooperation!